Old Gold

Around 40 old mobile phones will get you a gram of gold.

At £50 a gram, it’s not enough to retire on but compared to mining a tonne of ore for the same amount, it’s an easier living.

The gold in phones is plated onto electronics using technology invented by Ernst Werner von Siemens in the 1840s.
Gold is highly conductive, and is used in many electronic components in everyday use, so you could say that Ernst was the father of electrical engineering.

Why am I telling you about Herr Siemens?
Well, his technology was sold to George Elkington, from Birmingham in 1843 and is still used to this day on jewellery, cutlery and EVERY mobile phone on the planet.
So it’s no surprise to find that Unify Phone, the device agnostic mobility client that brings desk phone capability to any device, on any network, was developed by Siemens’ successors at Atos Unify.

He would be proud of the precision German engineering that’s gone into this app, though the only ‘application’ he would have understood was how his patents and inventions were adopted across the world, including the first pointer telegraph and even electrically charged sea-mines. 

Now you can use your Openscape Business system anywhere- in the car, from a desk phone, a PC or tablet and your personal mobile, with seamless transfers between all devices and networks.

The new MS Teams plug-in delivers excellent voice quality in Teams without the need for costly Microsoft licences.
You can also have all the functionality you are used to, such as call recording and analytics, to keep your business secure.

The terminology of todays communication systems might have confused old Werner but the simplicity of using Unify Phone wouldn’t. It’s beautifully simple to use.

If you’d like to find out how to upgrade your system, future proof your business communications and save money on MS licences with Unify, call today to find out more on 0203 675 8798

or simply click here to see:-

 Werners’ gold is waiting!

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