Unify OpenScape CP

The new OpenScape CP Family of phones brings feature evolution and updated capabilities such as:

  • Enterprise desk top voice with collaboration software integration
  • Bluetooth connectivity complemented by Near Field Communication (NFC) for simplified free seating by using your smartphone as a login passport
  • High end audio quality with a stylish, fresh, bold device design

OpenScape Desk Phone CP200 (SIP & HFA) – Click here for CP200 PDF

The OpenScape Desk Phone CP200 is an uncompromising value phone for easy entry into VoIP telephony. It supports the entire range of OpenScape Voice features, has a headset socket and four programmable function keys.

OpenScape Desk Phone CP200 front view.png

OpenScape Desk Phone CP400 (SIP) – Click here for CP400 PDF

The CP400 is the midrange phone for the budget-conscious, professional user. Even the basic unit has 16 programmable function keys with tri-colored status indicator. It can be expanded with up to two Key Modules KM400 with 16 function keys.

OpenScape Desk Phone CP400 front view with Keymodul.png

OpenScape Desk Phone CP600 (SIP) – Click here for CP600 PDF

The CP600 is designed for the collaborative workplace. The consistently paperless design is particularly suitable for mobile workers or environments. The base unit is optimized for single line usage. Four freely programmable functions can be applied to favorites on a second level. Up to four connectable key modules with 12 buttons each satisfies the need of many free programmable keys.

OpenScape Desk Phone CP600 front view with Keymodul.png