Integral Communications Network Services (ICNS)

Many organisations are paying significantly more than necessary for their outbound telephone calls and line rental charges. Integral are already helping many businesses save money on these calls by routing outbound traffic via more competitive network providers.

This means that without changing your existing telephone system, or telephone numbers you can significantly cut the cost of every outbound call you make, therefore improving cashflow which your business can utilise to off-set other business overheads.

CPS is activated at the local BT exchange, so all call-traffic originating from your lines will be routed directly through Integral. You will keep existing phone numbers and continue to make calls as usual.

Besides helping you make substantial savings on telephone call costs, we put you in complete control of your expenditure by providing you with a full breakdown of your call costs either by paper bills or through our e-billing services.

We provide you with your own log-in to our billing platform which allows you to view your invoices and a full breakdown of call reports.

Integral Communications will email you with alerts of any areas of concern so to help eliminate fraudulent calls .

We offer highly competitive tariffs, along with first class service and the most reliable network providers.

Integral’s offering includes

  • Lower call costs for local, national, mobile and international calls.
  • Retain existing numbers.
  • No set-up charges, no minimum term contracts or monthly fees.
  • Automatic call routing.
  • Reliable & resilient Tier 1 Networks.
  • No need to invest in new equipment or infrastructure.
  • Detailed Management reporting and call information statistics.
  • Outstanding customer service.
  • Switching to use Integral for your calls and line rental charges is easy.